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Solicitors Bournemouth
Solicitors in Bournemouth   I am Paul Solomons of Solicitors in Bournemouth.

  I want to make it easy for you to make a decision about what type of legal solution you want. Please check out my specially written guides and follow my thoughts on Google+

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How Can You Tell That I'm Right To Be Your Personal Family Solicitor For Bournemouth?

My goal is to be your solicitor for life.

And I believe that by giving first and learning more about you I am more likely to earn your trust and solve your problems better.

Please take a moment to get a digital copy of my new book on family law.

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Solicitors In Bournemouth family law book

  • I hope you are looking for Personal Family Solicitor®.
  • I will tell you if I can help you...or not.
  • I can tell you that legal solutions aren't always necessary or costly.

Here's how you can decide if I'm right for you.

I work with clients who;

1. Want a trusted advisor to guide them through a lifetime of good decision making. I believe the second time I help you is the proof of my value to you.

2. Want to optimise the Family Wealth passed on to children, grandchildren and beyond. This is not just financial assets, but intangible, often Intellectual, Sentimental and Human assets as well.

3. Care about preserving family wealth by ensuring it doesn't disappear to others through divorce and ­legal oversights , easily avoidable estate taxes, or end up part of the £77 Billion of unclaimed assets that the UK Government hold.

4. Are ready and to listen about the options available so that family opportunities are optimised and family wealth grows at each generation.

5. Ensure that their children remain in the care of people they trust and love.

And finally, if you are looking to get divorced, you'll have a great solicitor in my colleague
Jacqui Forrest - and if you are looking to buy or sell property then you'll want my colleague Ian Lorimer.

Almost all other solicitors accept as many new clients as they can get. I don't.

I strictly limit the number of clients I take on. Because it's impossible to take on an unlimited number of clients and give them all the same care and critical attention to preserve their wealth and peace of mind.

I specialise in private client work relating to Wills, Trusts and Probate together with Inheritance Tax, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Equity release, Care Home Fee legal issues, Property and Elderly client solutions.

I am recognised as the leading  expert author for the Solicitors website, on which I give expert advice accessed by tens of thousands of people every year.

I am a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEPS) and a recognised Inheritance Tax expert.

In the local community, I am Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Christchurch Citizens Advice Bureau.

If you want to find out if I am the solicitor for you please call to arrange an appointment or ask me a quick question. This can often help you find out more about your legal situation and how I can help.

By doing this you will find out where the problems lie in your legal and financial affairs and receive advice on how to solve them.

Do you know any other solicitor in Bournemouth or elsewhere that will take the time to help you like this?

Get in touch today by calling

0844  874 5377

Dedicated to Your Family

Paul Solomons

PS Remember to read your report on Eleven Mistakes People Make By Not Consulting A Personal Family Solicitor - get the report here.

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