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"Can I Hide Assets Or Give Them Away To Stop My Ex-Partner Getting A Share Of Them When I Divorce?"

Ok, in theory it’s possible that you can hide your assets/shares/money. But in practice, this is what is likely to happen.

They’ll get found. Yep, if you try and hide something, odds are it’ll be discovered. And guess what happens then?

Here’s what may happen. It’s an example case that’s relevant.

A couple who divorces agreed a settlement and a court order put that settlement into place. But guess what. The husband in this case had hidden some shares. He then sold these shares after he got divorced and pocketed the £1.2 million. So far, so good, (for the husband).

But when the former wife found out about the share sale (from a third party ;-) it was suggested that she might like to benefit from the sale of the shares. The former wife got the court order put aside on the basis of “material non-disclosure” by the former husband. Result?

£481,000 payment to the former wife and the appeal by the ex-husband also failed.

Ok I Can’t Hide It But Can I Give My Assets Away To A Family Member Instead?

Ah...clever thinking...if you don’t earn anything from an asset that’s given away, there’s nothing to split right? WRONG.

Because if you are deliberately trying to reduce a spouse’s claim and the court reckons this to be the case then the assets will be taken into account. And it’s likely that the court will consider this a pretty underhand way of dealing with a divorce settlement. Which may mean a hefty bill for costs being paid by the person that tries this strategy.

If you want to get a divorce don’t try and play games. You won’t win and will get caught cheating.

Do it the right way and get on with your life with peace of mind.

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Can I divide my estate up so that one sibling gets more than the other from my will?

Sir Gerry Robinson is the presenter of “Can’t Take It With You” the BBC programme that is examining the subject of wills.

One question that arose was whether siblings could or should be provided for unequally in the will. It’s usual that children receive equal shares, but it’s not wrong to divide up an estate unequally if there are good reasons for doing so.

If you want to divide up an estate so that one sibling gets more, perhaps because they have children and the other sibling does not, or one sibling has already had financial help, perhaps with a house purchase, then this is something you can do.

The main thing to concern yourself with is to make sure that siblings understand the reasons why you are looking at doing this. And if during your discussions you realise this is going to cause a lot of hurt, be prepared to revise your plans.

Not making tough choices and leaving things to chance is certainly a lot harder on siblings than discussing things openly.

Legal advice is always at hand for Wills at Solicitors Bournemouth.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss making your will and particularly if you wish to divide up your estate according to your specific wishes.

Why do finances play such an important role in Divorce cases?

Money. It’s the root of all evil. Or is it?

Finances certainly play a part in many marriages breaking down. And they can also be a major roadblock in the divorce process itself.

But the truth is that the decisions about finaces and the outcome of a divorce process can affect you well in to the future. This is why it’s important that you get good advice so that you can get over the divorce in the short-term and plan for longer term happiness and financial security.

Solicitors can advise you of organisations that will assist with housing problems, benefits, mediation, debts, tax and pensions. We can also help you take control of your finances right at the start of the divorce process. There’s simply no way you want to let things just happen when it comes to your financial future.

Decide what you want from your divorce and that’s half the battle.

Once you know what you want it is usually easier to make decisions and if necessary, compromise.

Get legal advice from a family law solicitor like us and you will then have the knowledge of what is and isn’t possible and what documentation and information you might need to make the best of the divorce process.

Don’t assume you can settle things financially yourself!

 Even if you are still friends and agree on how to split money and property, this can still be challenged later on in court by your ex-partner. Please don’t risk it. Your partner may not be in the same frame of mind 6 months down the road. Things may change for the worse.

Recriminations and bad feelings just reduce the finances.
The longer a divorce process drags on the more it usually costs. (We do offer fixed fees though which we recommend to all clients). And as well as costing more, they are usually much more damaging emotionally for any family members.

Whether a settlement is drawn up amicably through the court. Collaborative law or through mediation you must get advice from a solicitor that specialises in divorce.

You shouldn’t sign anything or agree to anything without asking the solicitor’s advice.

Please call us for an initial consultation to ensure you take control of your finances and your future. Contact DivorceSolicitorsBournemouth

Married Lawyers Squander Millions in Bitter Divorce Battle - A Divorce Warning From Bournemouth Solicitors

Don't do what some lawyers do...Read this as a warning...

  • Former husband and wife return to court after expensive split in 2009, this time to contest maintenance payments
  • Couple forced to sell their £3.2m home in initial settlement despite Giles Kavanagh's £485,000-a-year salary
  • Judge criticises pair for 'wrecking the ship of their marriage' by spending so much on divorce costs

Divorce Day - Jan 9th

Unfortunately, the first true week back at work after Christmas and New Year is also the week when many people decide to get divorced.

It seems that being with your partner over the holiday period for a prolonged length of time combined with the New Year and looking for a new start, means that many decisions to divorce are taken.

A fresh start to the year and to a future life is always attractive. But at Solicitors in Bournemouth we advise that before you take any decision you must see how the legal landscape lies.

We're certainly not celebrating a busy January because people ask us for divorce advice. But we are pleased when our advice helps someone start a new life once they have decided that divorce or separation is the path they want to take.

If you are thinking about divorce at this time of the New Year in 2011 then please call us for an intitial chat so you can make the right decision from a legal perspective. We'll listen to you and be happy to offer all of our years experience in divorce matters.

Emotional Coldness top reason for divorce in Over-50’s

Figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed that divorce among the over-50s peaked in 2004 at around 25,000-a-year before a slight fall to the current annual rate of 22,000.

In a recent survey many over-50s ending getting divorced cite a lack of love and intimacy in their relationship.

Figures show that 28 per cent said they divorced because their partner was emotionally cold and distant.

The research from YouGov discovered that 27 per cent of over-50’s said they were no longer committed to their marriage.

Nagging also scored highly, figuring in 14 per cent of responses given by 1,900 divorcees aged 50 and over. Sadly, 1 in 10 couples said they had run out of things to talk about

Sadly it’s a fact that many people do get divorced which is where a good solicitor becomes important. At Solicitors In Bournemouth we can help you with your divorce. And hopefully, with your pre-nuptial agreement, should you re-marry in the future.

Where children or major assets such as your family home are involved, you really must speak to a solicitor before you announce you want a divorce to your partner. It will give you peace of mind to know what your rights are and the possible outcomes of any divorce proceedings. Call us now for free, confidential information about getting divorced.

Co-Op Launches DIY Divorces - Why You Might Not Want A DIY divorce

Here's a story about it from the Daily Mail.

In summary, the Co-Op has a pack that you can buy for less than £100 that they indicate allows you to get your own divorce sorted out by completing the paperwork and forms. All well and good. But what about your financial arrangements? Access to children? Pension division? Property and assets? Maintenance payments?

What you should be looking for perhaps is a fixed price divorce package from an expert solicitor that means you get exactly the type of service you want and deserve.

As we are one of the main experts in divorce law in Bournemouth and we offer a 30 minute assessment interview of your case free of charge, we believe you deserve to speak with the best rather than doing it for yourself.

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