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What Is Estate Planning?

Most experts would agree that an estate plan is not difficult to produce.

Good planning during the earlier stages of your life can produce significant benefits and will also put in place adequate measures to ensure that your affairs will be dealt with correctly.

It is also an important tool which guarantees that your loved ones and any beneficiaries to your will are not left with unnecessarily high tax bills.

Estate planning is often an on-going process, the length of which can only be determined by each individual’s circumstances and affairs.

The primary outcome of estate planning remains constant, this being the distribution of an individual’s estate after death to any named beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries are often named in individuals Will or in any Trusts set up during that person’s lifetime.

Estate planning is an important tool used to avoid tax bills, both for the individual in question and for the beneficiaries and dependants who gain from the individual’s estate after their death.

Estate planning makes use of various tools some of which are explained below.


Despite many people's perception, Wills need not be a lengthy and confusing document.

Creating a Will is a relatively straight forward process and the simplest of Wills can be drawn up and signed within a matter of hours, if necessary.

However, one drawback of creating a simple Will is that they do not make full use of legal tax efficient methods available to the testator and may not accurately reflect the full intentions of the testator.

Furthermore, a Will can create Trusts which protect the testator’s assets for their named beneficiaries and future generations.

Equity Release

Make sure you get in touch before you sign any Equity Release documentation. I offer a review service of Equity Release plans and this includes advice on how they can affect your Inheritance Tax Liability.

You should always consult with a specialist to ensure that you are making the most from your estate, by putting in place the correct procedures you can ensure that you are protecting your loved ones from incurring high tax bills.

The simplest thing to do is to call me, Paul Solomons, for a free chat to see if I can help you with your estate planning. 

I am happy to meet with you for half an hour without you having to pay a penny.

This is because Estate Planning is an important lifelong process and we both want to make sure we work well together. I realise you are placing a lot of trust in me and the first get-to-know-you meeting is invaluable for you to make a decision.

My number is 0844 874 5377 or email



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