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These Are The Final Wishes Of...
A Complete Guide To Organising Your Life For Your Passing

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A True Story...When I was an Articled Clerk (Trainee Solicitor) in the late 1980’s, I met the son of a recently deceased client of the firm where I was working.

He gave me a death certificate and I was able to discuss with him the terms of his late father’s Will, as he was the named executor.

As we considered the Will, the son asked what his father’s funeral wishes were. I told him the Will read “I desire to be buried”. “Oh” he replied, “we cremated my father yesterday”.

Peace Of Mind

One of the greatest gifts you can give is peace of mind. Peace of mind for your family that they have respected your final wishes.

At A Time Of Emotional Distress

At a time of high emotional distress the last thing that you would want to do is cause heartbreak, anguish and tears.

Show Your Care and Concern

Completing this guide to your last wishes demonstrates your care and concern for your loved ones. As well as celebrating your life how you would wish it to be remembered.
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“I know what happens first hand when people don't let their loved ones know what they wanted for their funeral and haven't organised things. This guide helps avoid compounding the emotional distress.”


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