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How Do I Choose A Solicitor To Manage Probate When Someone Dies?

When someone you love dies it is always a shock. If you also find yourself as an executor or administrator or their estate you probably ask yourself, “Where do I begin?”

Talking to a solicitor is probably a good option. But there’s still the difficulty of knowing which solicitor to choose.

Do I Have To Get A Solicitor Involved?

Sometimes it isn’t required for a solicitor to be involved. For example if there is less than £5000 cash and there are no shares or property then you don’t have to get a Grant of Probate from the Court.

You can take the death certificate and the Will to the bank or building society and you will probably be able to access to the money.  Banks and building societies all have their unique rules though for releasing money representatives however most won’t ask you to get a Grant of Probate if the sums involved don’t exceed £10,000.

What Will The Solicitor Do For Me And What Do They Charge?

If you have to get a Grant of Probate and need a lot of assistance it costs more than if you don’t need a lot of help.

There are a range of things solicitors do from arranging the initial legal formalities, assembling all the estates assets, arranging court claims and paying out money to beneficiaries. Some solicitors do everything and others ask you to do much of the work.  

The most important things is to be very clear on what your solicitor will do for you and how much it will cost. So pay attention to the detail and ask for a full explanation of services i.e. what will and won’t be included.  Fees can vary by a huge amount. So it pays to consider exactly what sort of service you want.

Hourly Fee, Fixed Fee or Percentage Fee – What’s Best?

Many solicitors still ask for hourly fees. They typically bill you for services as each stage of the work is completed.

More modern law firms either agree a fixed fee which means you know exactly what it will cost before you instruct them. This has the benefit of giving you peace of mind that bills won’t spiral out of control.

Other ways of charging are as a percentage of the total value of the estate. This can be a particularly good way of paying if the estate is complex and there are savings to be made on inheritance tax etc. That’s because a good solicitor will be working hard to save money from going to the tax man. Ultimately the better job they do, the more they will earn.

As executor you are not liable for legal fees, and these are paid out of the estate.

Where Can I Find A Specialist Solicitor?

Personal recommendation is always good. Ask any solicitor you do contact if they are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEPS) and a recognised Inheritance Tax expert. This helps you to choose someone that isn’t just a run of the mill solicitor...but someone who knows their stuff. Ask for testimonials or case studies too. This will prove the solicitor has already achieved the right results for someone else in a similar situation.

And finally, if the solicitor is empathetic and listens that’s a good sign you can work with them at a difficult time.

I am a recognised Inheritance Tax and Probate Expert and a member of STEPS.

(And I hope that you trust me with your importantProbate work in the Bournemouth area).

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What are the average probate fees in Bournemouth?

The highest fees charged for Probate are usually charged by Banks. Bank’s fees for probate can often work out at between 4% and 5% of the value of an estate, so are generally not very good value.

Will writers may offer to do probate work for a lower fee. However, they are not insured in the same way as solicitors and do not have the same experience. It is a case of you get what you pay for with a qualified probate solicitor.

Solicitors can charge from £100 per hour to £350 per hour (or more), depending on who does the work (experience) and how complicated the estate is.

The Law Society gives solicitors guidance on what is an acceptable fee for probate. They say that an initial fee of 0.75% of the value of the property, plus 1.5% of the value of other assets, and charges, is an acceptable fee. When you add up all the costs this makes is around 2%.

(Our fees are generally lower than this and our clients prefer the peace of mind of fixed fees. This means we do everything and the price is fixed at the outset).

Things which can make fees higher are tracking down beneficiaries or assets and if the person died without a Will, (intestate).

How do you save on a Probate fees?

•           Don’t get a bank to do the Probate work

•           Get a fixed quote whenever possible

•           Get all the information the solicitor needs in advance of any meeting

Please feel free to contact me at Solicitors In Bournemouth for more Probate advice.

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Holiday Home Owners And Inheritance Issues; Speak to Us Today So That Your Heirs Don’t Have Problems In the Future.

Inheriting overseas holiday homes and other assets can delay Probate by years.

Even experienced solicitors may not always have the skills needed to get assets repatriated quickly.

Several countries in the EU, Notably France and Spain have ‘forced heirship’ legal systems. This means that residential properties, including those owned by foreigners, are automatically left to a blood relative.

Delays are often the case when language and official process barriers are presented to an inexperienced solicitor. Local laws are not always straightforward.

Fortunately, Solicitors In Bournemouth offer a fixed-fee repatriation of assets service.

So if you are in the position that a loved one has passed away and left assets overseas that you need to repatriate please call us today.

We have an experience team that guarantees the successful repatriation of your assets or you don’t pay the fee. This is your guarantee that we will work on your behalf and solve your problems.

And if you have assets overseas yourself and you want advice on how to make the repatriation process easier please contact us today.


Save £10,000 with Solicitors In Bournemouth compared to Banks on Probate services.


The Consumer organisation Which and The Daily Mail have discovered that banks charge around double what solicitors do for executing a typical £270,000 estate.

 Which? Used 8 undercover researchers to make 42 visits or calls to solicitors, specialist will-writers and banks around the UK posing as divorcees wanting to write a will.

They discovered banks will charge on average £10,830 for executing a typical £270,000 estate - double the £ 4,759 charged by will- writers and £5,199 by solicitors. ( rate is £3969 which is 1.47%)

Barclays is the most expensive of the High St reet giants, with an average charge of £13,395. Almost £10,000 more than us!.

Luring clients in with cheap wills costing as little as £75. The Which? report indicates banks appoint themselves as executor.

James Daley, editor of Which? Money, says: 'These extortionate charges are completely unjustifiable. There is no need to have a professional executor in many cases. Most people have no idea what they should be paying. As they are going through a traumatic time in their lives, they are an easy target.

'It's disgraceful that banks are insisting they are named sole or joint executor, and for that privilege they are taking thousands of pounds in fees from the estate.'

A spokesman for Barclays says: 'We are working to review and simplify our fee structures on probate pricing, and are looking to introduce more fixed-fee pricing.

A Lloyds Banking group spokesman says: 'Our fees are clear and transparent, and are explained up front to our customers. They reflect the quality, completeness and expertise of the service we offer.'

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Remember we can charge fixed fees. Our fees are much, much lower than Banks, and you are guaranteed to get a great service. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and pay many thousands of pounds a year in insurance – which is both belt and braces! Contact us for Probate In Bournemouth on 0844 874 5377

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