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Probate is a word that you don’t usually come across until someone passes away.

Probate basically means “the right to deal with a deceased person’s estate.”

In many cases this will be an executor who has been named in a Will.
But if there isn’t a Will someone close to the deceased could apply to administer the estate.

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Probate covers both the application to administer the estate and all the official forms that give executors the right to deal with the deceased’s affairs.  

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If you are disputing a will or you think you should get something from an estate
and you are not getting what's due to you, then you can contest the will.

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What Happens When You Are Granted Probate?

If you are granted probate you haveto keep to the wishes in the deceased’s Will.

This means dealing with all of the deceased’s assets, specifically the property, money and personal possessions.

The grant of probate can be used to prove that the individual has the right to do these things.

If there is no Will, (and the person dies “intestate”) then the estate is administered according to the laws of succession. In these cases, individuals who are granted letters of administration have the authority to deal with the deceased’s estate.

However, these individuals are not able to simply do what they wish with the deceased’s estate.

What is a Grant of Confirmation?

A grant of confirmation is the term used in Scotland. If the deceased lived in Scotland, a grant of confirmation is then applied for in relation to probate.

Is a Grant of Probate Required for All Estates?

No. It isn’t necessary for all estates. If the deceased leaves less than £5,000 and all of their possessions were jointly owned with someone else (and therefore pass directly to the co-owner) then a grant of probate may not be needed.

To find out if the estate meets these requirements, the executor/administrator should write directly to each institution such as bank, building society etc and include copies of the death certificate and Will in order to get information about the deceased’s assets.

If the deceased held stocks or shares, insurance policies, or property
and/or land held in their name (or as tenants in common) then
a grant of probate will very probably be needed.

When Is Probate Granted?

Probate isn’t granted to the executor/administrator of an estate until some, and possibly all, the inheritance tax is paid on the estate. This is where a professional valuer or chartered surveyor is able to help with valuing the estate (mainly the property) to work out how much tax will be payable. A solicitor is helpful with this process.

What Happens if There Is More than One Executor?

As many as 4 named executors may apply for a grant of probate. They can work together to execute the estate. However it is often preferable if one executor applies for the grant of probate to sort out the Will on their own. It often simplifies things if it is done this way.

Who Can Help With You With Probate?

A solicitor can apply for a grant of probate on behalf of the named executor.

Many solicitors specialise in probate and their experience is invaluable.

Make sure you ask about how much it is likely to cost before engaging the solicitors. (Don’t go for the cheapest though, do some thorough questioning about exactly how they work so you feel comfortable with them).

When someone passes away in reality the immediate practicalities are more important than the process of applying for Probate or Letters of Administration. Please feel free to call us about this if this is the situation you are in.

How Solicitors in Bournemouth Services for Probate work for you.

When we know your circumstances, we can tell you what the costs are likely to bebefore carrying out any work.

Our work on your behalf is covered by ourfixed fee guarantee with no hidden extras for your peace of mind.

There are 3 alternative services.

            £497 for obtaining probate

                £1497 for obtaining probateand dealing with non-taxable estates or

             1.47% of the gross estate for taxable estates 

It is important you work with a solicitor who is approachable and sympathetic, and whose advice you understand and trust.

Please telephone me for further advice and an appointment to see me at the Bournemouth office.

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